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Services Coopalo Offers


Dyslexia Remediation

Students with dyslexia can experience a range of academic problems.  Our team assesses the needs of each student, crafts a personalised learning plan, and creates engaging lessons that fill the gaps in the student's academic foundation, while also promoting their strengths.  Our multi-sensory approach provides the strong mechanics, learning habits, motivation for continued improvement, and self-belief that leads to lasting social, emotional, and academic success.   

Subject Tutoring

Coopalo offers personalised one-on-one subject tutoring for students K-12.  Our team of experienced tutors is fully prepared to provide academic support for almost any discipline.  Subjects we cover include:

● Elementary Math                  



● Calculus                                

● Reading               

● Writing                                   

● Literature                              

● History                  

● Social Sciences                      

● And More...

Academic Coaching

We offer Academic Coaching, sometimes referred to as Executive Functioning Coaching for students who struggle with such tasks as studying, organisation. and long-term planning.  Students who have been diagnosed with ADHD and/or other learning differences often have Executive Function challenges; however, students need not have a formal diagnosis to struggle in this area.  Executive Functioning skills are critical life skills that include the ability to plan and prioritize, organize materials and ideas, maintain focus, be productive, task initiation, self-reflection, and appropriately managing emotions. These are critical life skills to have as a student and beyond.

Special Education Advocacy

Navigating the world of special education can be a daunting task. Coopalo offers special education advocacy to parents who are seeking to better understand the nature of special education, to utilize fully the educational services available to them, and to ensure that schools are fully meeting their child’s needs. Our certified special education advocate has the knowledge and experience to work with school employees to develop successful academic strategies.  She also represents families effectively at special education meetings, making sure their questions and concerns are completely addressed.   

Further Questions?

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