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As Coopalo specialises in personalised one-on-one tutoring, it is vital that each tutor is creative, engaging, and a master of their discipline.  Our tutors go through an exhaustive interview process, which ensures that they are fully prepared to provide superior academic support.  Coopalo only employs excellent educators. 

Our Team of Passionate Educators


Matthew Deren

BA Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania

ME  Environmental Engineering , University of Virginia

Matthew has extensive teaching experience as he has taught mathematics at CWI, Independence University, and Mathnasium Tutoring Centers.  He enjoys tutoring because it allows him to build an enriching learning environment where students can grow to be active and confident.  When not teaching, he enjoys exploring nature through backpacking, hiking, and astronomy.    


Harrison Jackson

BA History and Economics, Oklahoma State University

MA Liberal Arts, St. John's College

Harrison has tutoring experience at the middle school, high school, and college level.  He also spent a year teaching English and speech at a high school in Colorado.  He loves one-on-one tutoring because it allows for a more in-depth study of material and gives him the chance to help student's overcome academic challenges.  Outside of the classroom, Harrison enjoys playing soccer, reading Sci-Fi novels, and fly-fishing.     



BA Early Childhood Education, U of Missouri St. Louis

MA Elementary Education, Webster university

Mary Anne has over twenty years of experience teaching Kindergarten in the Fox School District. She enjoys tutoring because it allows her to work one-on-one with students to identify their interests and incorporate their strengths and challenges into meaningful and productive learning experiences. When not teaching she enjoys traveling, her family, and her two Shih Tzu



B.A.  Early Childhood Education, Western Governor’s University 

"Until I can risk appearing imperfect in your eyes, without fear that it will cost me something, I can't really learn from you." Rudolph Dreikurs

Jon is a para-professional at Sage International Charter School. Jon’s work experience teaches him the many depths to individual learning styles, differentiated curriculum, and behavior management. Jon enjoys tutoring because it allows him to uniquely assist with each student’s learning styles and strengths. Jon provides individualized and developmentally appropriate interventions for children with challenging learning styles; his goal is increased confidence and achievement in and out of the classroom.