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Karyn Kilpatrick-Snell, M.A.Ed Executive Director & Founder

Karyn has extensive professional and personal experience working with struggling students and children with special needs. In fact, it was the journey of raising her two sons with dyslexia that inspired Karyn to create Coopalo. While working as a special education teacher at an elementary school, Karyn experienced the maddening frustration of seeing Logan, her oldest son, struggle with reading difficulties. Karyn and her family went through a horrible odyssey that included her son being misdiagnosed, an inadequate school system, and the hiring of expensive tutors, all of whom failed to meet Logan's needs. This experience caused profound emotional and financial stress, which only increased when Karyn's younger son Cooper began to experience similar academic difficulties. It was not until each son was correctly diagnosed and they undertook a personalized learning plan administered through homeschooling and a specialized institute for students with dyslexia, that they begin to flourish in school. Now Logan is a freshman in college while Cooper is about to finish high school.

From the effort to provide the right educational services for her sons, Karyn came to understand that proper assessment is the vital first step to delivering a struggling student adequate assistance. She also found that constant progress monitoring, personalized learning plans, and deep compassion were necessary for these students to succeed. Soon parents and teachers began to approach her, asking for help with their struggling students. Karyn realized that her expertise could provide families with the educational support that they needed, so she opened Coopalo in January of 2014. Since then her company has provided aid to students struggling with a wide variety of academic difficulties by offering academic coaching, dyslexia tutoring, and special education advocacy. If you or your family is in need of assistance, Karyn and her team would love to provide a pathway to academic, emotional, and social success.